Birch plywood for laser cutting and die boards

Laser plywood is high-quality birch plywood produced specially for laser cutting and die-making industry. Birch plywood is well known on the market for its technical performances. Panels can be uncoated or coated with protective films or with specific transparent varnish.

Laser plywood is fully manufactured with birch veneer: to eliminate voids inside the plywood, interior veneers are sorted with specific criteria to make a uniform cut during laser engraving. The surface veneers might contain wood plugs: standard grades are BB/BB or BB/CP.

Laser cutting has found application in many kind of industries, and it is most popular in the cutting dies production: birch plywood is used as a platform to keep the knives of the die cutting board in a proper way.
Birch plywood dies are widely used in packaging and printing industry because of their holding strength, flatness and durability. Dies made of birch plywood can withstand hundreds of thousands of repetitions of die cutting: this is the reason why die manufacturers value birch plywood as the best product for making dies.

Plywood for laser cutting are produced with adhesive based on special resin, which is not subject to combustion under the influence of laser beam and it is absolutely safe for health. Bonding is made with Interior glue (not suitable for external applications) and meets the requirements of standard EN 314-2/Class 1.
In accordance with the standard EN 13986 the formaldehyde emission meets the Class E1 requirements (test method EN 717 Part 2).

Standard sizes
1270×1525 mm (*)
1525×1525 mm (*)
1830×1525 mm
1850×1250 mm
2230×1230 mm
2250×1550 mm
2500×1525 mm (*)
3050×1525 mm (*)
(*) = most common size
Custom sizes are available upon request, up to largest size of 2000×4000 mm

12, 15, 18 mm
(other thicknesses are available on demand)

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