Multiflex, the flexible and bendable plywood

Multiflex bending plywood

Multiflex is a special kind of plywood which, thanks to its particular composition, has a high flexibility and bend-ability that can be applied on a curved radius.
Multiflex is a very practical solution to produce curved structures, especially when small radii are required.
Multiflex is a unique product for the ease with which it can take any curvature and rounded shapes, including “S” or circular.… Read more...

Okoume marine plywood

Okoume Marine Plywood

Okoumé plywood panels are produced with high-quality rotary-cut veneers of Aucoumea klaineana, specially manufactured to provide durability and longevity. They are very stable and can withstand exposure to severe weather conditions for prolonged periods of time.
“Marine” plywood panels are veneered-based panels of good durability with respect to fungal decay and bonding quality, which makes them suitable for the manufacturing and interior fittings of marine craft and for several applications in building construction.… Read more...