Okoume marine plywood

Okoumé plywood panels are produced with high-quality rotary-cut veneers of Aucoumea klaineana, specially manufactured to provide durability and longevity. They are very stable and can withstand exposure to severe weather conditions for prolonged periods of time.
“Marine” plywood panels are veneered-based panels of good durability with respect to fungal decay and bonding quality, which makes them suitable for the manufacturing and interior fittings of marine craft and for several applications in building construction. The durability derives from the resistance to biodegradation of the wood species used, combined with the weathering performance of the bonding quality and the high number of layers.

Marine plywood is one of the veneered-based products with the greatest value, nicest appearance and highest durability. Its performance makes this plywood particularly adequate for applications where both the decorative function and the mechanical properties are priorities, especially in the naval sector.
Its mechanical properties are similar to those of solid wood, but it allows for greater regularity and stability.

The standard dimensions most commonly produced are:
2500 x 1220 mm
3100 x 1530 mm
2500 x 1530 mm
Thickness ranges from 4 to 50 mm

Special sizes or thicknesses can be produced upon quotation and minimum quantity requirements.

The adhesive used for bonding marine plywood is a modified MUF system that satisfies the requirements of Class 3 for marine applications, while the bonding quality is checked according to EN 314 after a pre-treatment that simulates a long-time exposure to weathering agents that the plywood must withstand when in service. The best behavior of the panels is reached when their edges are adequately protected during use.
Panels are compliant with Lloyd’s Register – Norm BS 1088:2003 and, upon request, they are also available with FSC certification.

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